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Key storage devices and readers

Client devices are cryptographic tools for storing and protecting the private keys of end users and the readers necessary for their use, respectively.

If you wish to store the private key belonging to the requested certificate on a device rather than on your computer (in software – SW) and you do not yet have the appropriate device, you can choose from the following devices during the application. Devices can be applied for even without a certificate request; in this case please send us an e-mail with the exact name of the device and the required number of pieces.


prices of chip cards and card readers

Smart cards available in NetLock’s range are all Qualified Signature Creation Devices (QSCDs). It means that their key storage solution is able to create qualified signatures or seals when using the private key of a qualified certificate.


Gemalto IDClassic 340 / Bit4id
intelligens kártya
  • Tanúsítvány nélkül 8.400 Ft + áfa
  • Tanúsítvány vásárlásával 6.000 Ft + áfa


Bit4id miniLECTOR EVO
asztali USB kártyaolvasó
  • Tanúsítvány nélkül 12.600 Ft + áfa
  • Tanúsítvány vásárlásával 9.000 Ft + áfa


Bit4id miniLECTOR S EVO
Mini (pendrive) USB kártyaolvasó
  • Tanúsítvány nélkül 15.000 Ft + áfa
  • Tanúsítvány vásárlásával 11.000 Ft + áfa

If you require a certificate with SCD key storage, the corresponding key will be generated not in the so-called QSCD container accordingly. Thus, the device will not be suitable for creating qualified signatures or seals, however this way it enables batch and automatic authentication, which is not possible when using the QSCD container.