Make your business more efficient and transform

your paper-based processes into the digital world

Digital HR administration

With our new generation signature solutions any employment document issued by the employer – payroll, M30, M29 forms, or just a contract, instruction, decision, document modification – can be authenticated, electronically signed by a single click. All this can be done in batch or individually.


Signature solutions support automatic and manual signatures depending on whether the documents have to be signed by a person entitled to represent the company or it is sufficient to acknowledge that the document “belongs to the company”.

Our solutions related to employment documents can be fully integrated with the processes that are currently in use, thus facilitating digital transition.

What can you gain by introducing our service?

Paper-based employment administration can be transferred to the digital space. NETLOCK’s software solutions can be easily integrated with several employment software products. We also take care of document storage, legally compliant archiving, even in the case of documents subject to authentic retention obligation of fifty years. CEOs, HR managers can sign official employment documents of thousands of employees in batch, with the push of a single button, which saves considerable time and energy to the signers.

Replacing postal services

No more batch signatures on paper

Paperless processes

Cost reduction

More efficient and faster work

Related services

For the integrated implementation of electronic, digitalized HR administration, we use the following NETLOCK e-signature solutions.


electronic signing and validation of HR documents with cloud-based e-signature solution


electronic signing and authentication of labor/HR documents with server side signature solution


electronic signing and validation of HR documents with cloud-based e-signature solution


Partners, who implemented NETLOCK digital signature solution in HR administration services and made their work processes more efficient.