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E-government solutions

faster public administration, more convenient procedures

Governments around the world are under increasing pressure to achieve

  • the expansion of the range of electronic citizenship services, on the one hand;

  • the more and more important cost reduction goals, on the other hand.

At the same time, proportion of paper-based processes in the different areas of public administration is still significant, which can be considerably reduced by using NETLOCK electronic signature services in many areas requiring regular signatures.

Areas to be solved

These favourable cost products can be introduced quickly, ensure a high level of savings, may have a positive impact on the well-being of citizens and undertakings, may enhance trust in the state, and benefit the general appreciation of the government.

Paperless administration

Digitization of administration would speed up and make the work of 317,000 civil servants more efficient and cheap. NETLOCK’s e-signature and authentication technology can provide a secure basis for modernization in several areas, such as: extension of governmental certification services, authenticated offline and online file transfer, automated digital archiving, e-signature of official instruments and letters, electronically signed forms, automated digitization of paper-based documents, e-invoicing, administration of e-education.


Postal mails via e-mail with acknowledgement of receipt. In Hungary, 112 million registered letters are sent each year. The technological and legal environment has also been set in order to send registered postal letters and postal letters with acknowledgement of receipt electronically, with conclusive evidence and traceability in a secure way. In the absence of a domestic solution, there is a danger that a foreign service provider will be dominant instead of the Hungarian Post Office in this field, as well.

e-School-Leaving Examination, e-Exam

451,000 high school students and 200,000 graduate students could take their exams on a computer. Supported by electronic authentication, e-examinations would be possible in case of several subjects: the credibility, integrity, anonymity of the test-papers and exam results as well as the evaluations can be equally assured in this way. Administration may become faster, simpler and cheaper, while significant time savings can be achieved in teachers’ work.


Board voting at 3,200 municipalities, furthermore general assembly, directorate, committee, state, chamber and company voting, national and local elections electronically. E-voting enables local government representatives, members of committees, state and private companies, and associations, as well as citizens to vote on computers or smartphones, even remotely.

Paper-free e-Procurement

Transparent and faster public procurement. In 2015, 14,127 effective public procurements took place in the amount of HUF 1,931 billion. This means millions of pages of paper and related manual administration. (Most of the first round offers have to be submitted also in printed form today.) Standardisation of public health procurements is a particularly sensitive area: the introduction of a uniform e-procurement system would provide a basis for the hospitals to manage purchasing centrally and not at institutional level – this happens only occasionally now. All this could help optimize the spending of the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary worth 1,900 billion HUF.


Making the state more efficient and more economical by introducing e-signature solutions that replace personal appearance and traditional signature.

HR documents

Faster, more secure and more transparent HR administration

Paper to digital conversion

Digitization and legal storage of documents


Paperless, automated, fast and transparent billing process