Making organizations more efficient and more economical by

e-signature solutions that replace personal appearance.


Legally binding identification in the digital space with a bank level security

Leave behind the obsolete, slow and costly paper-based administration! With our services, built on new generation electronic signature solutions, customer service, internal processes, administration and supplier relations can also be moved to the digital world.

Digitization or backwardness?

It has become clear today that the financial sector faces critical IT challenges from multiple directions. Players can decide to choose extension of digitization or vote for backwardness.

One of the main motivations for change is the change in customer needs: customers turn increasingly to online and mobile banking and administration instead of traditional, personal administration. Strengthening competition is inevitable; all players offer services representing newer and newer technological innovation.

But it is not just about competition, it is also mandatory to comply with the requirements of the EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The way out strategy is to move customer service to the digital space. In the 21st century, the mass of customers using smartphones at the skill level, desire digitization these days; they wish to sign a contract or start a transaction using the computer, replace paperwork requiring personal appearance so far, sign documents electronically with full legal effect.

This is where NETLOCK can help by means of its qualified services and mature, scalable security and authentication features:


    Hybrid or cloud service versions of the NETLOCK│SIGN product, installed at the client, can be easily integrated into the banking processes through their well-documented interfaces. They ensure PKI-based signature capability on mobile devices and in Windows environments.


    Hybrid or cloud service versions of the NETLOCK│BIOMETRIC product, installed at the client, can be utilized when the client wishes to sign a paper contract, but he/she creates the manual signature in the audited system, on the tablet displaying the document to be signed. The system provides an advanced electronic signature in line with the resolution of the Hungarian National Bank on biometric signatures. The signature event can be inserted into the current client server systems at the appropriate place.


    The NETLOCK│AUTH product is an identification solution, based on a variety of client platforms, including mobile phone applications, for identifying bank employees and clients.

    • The second authentication factor is provided by the user PIN of the mobile device or PC.
    • The application is strengthened by PKI technology security features: it applies key pairs at several levels that were used to identify the application, the connection, and the server responsible for the connection among others.
    • In PSD2, it is suitable for user identification, to be provided by the account management service provider, necessary for performing account management transactions initiated by related financial service providers. You can set the number of authentication attempts, allowed in a given time window according to the recommendation, the period of ID blocking, etc.

    Our CryptoServer SIGNASSIST solutions can provide corporate-level service for signing transactions ensuring transaction credibility and integrity required in PSD2. This can, among others, ensure the integrity of authentication codes generated from the amount of transactions and the recipient. The same solution can also be used to encrypt the transaction, if necessary.

  • Automated signature verification

    NETLOCK’s automated signature verification solutions can support both the account management system and the user, initiating the payment, in verifying the authenticity (seal) prior to the approval of the transaction.


    • Issue of personal and organizational signature certificates and seals at advanced and qualified levels.
    • Our website authentication certificates that identify both the server and the organization that owns the server play an important role in identifying financial service providers and building a secure transaction channel.

Digital communication

Making organizations more efficient and more economical by introducing e-signature solutions that replace personal appearance.

With customers

Legally binding e-signature solutions that replace personal appearance

In a financial environment, our solutions make possible both the approval of transactions launched through certain electronic channels (e.g. websites) and the signing of new contract documents in an authentic way. Be it the approval of payment or non-payment transactions or just a communication between the financial institution and the customer, the NETLOCK services support effectively their approval electronically, in a legally binding way, without the need for personal appearance even, by means of a mobile device.

With suppliers, partners

A significant decrease in costs and increase in efficiency can be reached not only on the customer side but also in the communication with the suppliers and partners by introducing digital, paper-free business processes.

With colleagues

In addition to signature, authentication and approval transactions, the automated signature verification of electronically signed documents and the administration of the users of the system can also be integrated into the own corporate IT system of the financial institution. It means that it is possible to achieve completely paper-free digitized internal business processes.


Already established NETLOCK authentication solutions that can be utilized in the financial sector

QWAC SSL certificate

Qualified NETLOCK certificates issued according to PSD2 directive.

Biometric signatures

PKI based biometric signature solution.

Paper to digital conversion

Paper to digital conversion and digital archiving