Terminating paper-based document management

for healthcare institutions, hospitals, clinics.


The basis of modern healthcare system

With our solutions, any document to be signed by patients or other business partners as well as the internal administration of the institution can be managed electronically.

The primary task of the hospital is to heal, but the administration imposes significant and time-consuming burdens on the healthcare sector, the doctors. Even NETLOCK cannot eliminate the paperwork obligations, but its solutions can help to digitize easily several everyday and ad hoc health administration processes. Hospital administration can be made faster, more flexible as well as user- and customer-friendly, even in the short run.


  • findings and discharge summaries,

  • consents to treatment,

  • forms to be signed,

  • Data Protection Agreements,

  • medical histories,

  • partnership agreements,

  • complaints,

  • internal forms, HR documents

can be digitized, handled electronically and sent in a legally binding form even via e-mail.


Making the state more efficient and more economical by introducing e-signature solutions that replace personal appearance and traditional signature.

HR documents

Faster, more secure and more transparent HR administration

Paper to digital conversion

Digitization and legal storage of documents

EESZT authentication

Authentication certificates to use EESZT