Replacing paper-based business processes and moving them to the digital world in a legally binding way.

By storing authenticated duplicates, paper-based documents can be destroyed; there is no need to maintain archives. This is also true of previously produced documents. For them, as well as the paper-based documents arriving constantly in the future, NETLOCK offers specific packages that enable to reach significant cost savings, due partly to the acceleration of processes – as each document is accessible by a few clicks – and partly to the minimization of storage and printing costs.

Digital duplicate creation supports any type of documents, whether it is a financial document or an employment document to be stored for 50 years.

Digitized documents are authenticated depending on their storage time, thus we can ensure that the authentic copies will be valid after10, 20, or even 50 years.


After you have removed mountains of paper, would not you wish to see them never again? Fully electronic document management and billing is not an utopia, but an option supported by laws and procedures. Learn more!

What can you gain by introducing our service?

Paper-based documents are omitted from the workflow, or can be destroyed on demand. Automatic or manual conversion can also be made, depending on the volume and types of documents, as well as the amount of other documents arriving constantly.

Acceleration of business processes

Improved labour utilization


Cost reduction

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For the integrated implementation of electronic billing and duplicate storage, we offer the following NETLOCK products and services.


mass e-conversion with server-side solution


mass or individual e-conversion with desktop application


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