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In addition to trust certificate services, NETLOCK also issues code signing certificates that are able to sign digitally files, scripts, macros, and other applications with one or two years of validity. It is recommended to anyone who seeks a solution for the electronic authentication of program codes in order to increase trust for the codes.

Service fees include the production, issuance and storage of the certificates, as well as their ongoing availability through the Client Menu, furthermore the provision of status services by the end of the validity period.

Code Signing Certificates

If the installation files are not signed, the operating system may regard the software as coming from a non-reliable manufacturer and alerts the installing user. If the installer has been authenticated by the creator’s code signing certificate, the manufacturer’s name will be displayed instead of a warning message during the installation. In a web environment, the use of the code signing certificate also plays a major role: generally the ActiveX programs, signed this way, have fewer restrictions, for example.

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Learn more about the application for code signing certificates

The most important information about our above certificates and how to apply for them can be found below. If you have not yet requested a certificate from NETLOCK, please be sure to read the following before the order. More details on useful terms and phrases that may arise in connection with your application.

To issue a code signing certificate, the Applicant/Client has to submit the copy of his/her identity documents to NETLOCK. If the certificate contains organizational data, the Client must also submit documents proving that he/she is entitled to apply for such a certificate (proxy, specimen of signature). You can find out more about the required documents by clicking here.

Code signing certificates can be issued with Personal or Business profile. The profile of the certificate determines what kind of so-called Subject data are included.

  • PERSONAL: The certificate contains only personal data.
  • ORGANIZATION: The certificate contains only organizational data.

Code signing certificates can be applied for with software key storage at present.

For detailed rules on the provision and use of the service, please refer to our Regulations.